Thursday, September 15, 2005

Deep Impact vs Comet Tempel 1

Latest Science Magazine reports the results of recent Deep Impact mission. Deep impact is NASA's space program to find the architecture of comets, in simple words this is about a bullet, firing to another bullet to study the bullet.

Why don't you check out at the Deep Impact mission homepage of NASA? This is a well designed URL for the laymen as well!

The surface of Comet Tempel 1 as shown here, is pocked with impact craters. In response to sunlight, the surface rapidly warms up, suggesting that the light does not penetrate deeply inside this comet. The mission also hints that the comet is composed of fluffy materials like a talcum powder, and it has high organic (Carbon containing) substances. As you all know, life originated from organic compounds, and this high organics in Tempe 1 boost the curiosity of NASA Astrobiologists!

Photo Credits NASA. In the image above, the impact site is located on the far side of Tempel 1 and the plume of dust stirred up by the impact appears in rainbow hues to its right.

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